LATEST VIDEO:  Listen to the Trip-Hop/Score by Memo for visual dance piece, "Without." written and directed by Vassilea Terzaki. 

LATEST MUSIC:  Upon Creation's 2003 demo remixed and remastered.  Released September 2nd, 2016 through all major online retailers.

WJP005:  Memo - Back in the Day E.P. (free on Bandcamp)

WJP006:  Priesticide - May Heaven Burn In Hell (Instrumental)

WJP002:  Architects of a Broken Design - The Great Reflection

WJP007:  Upon Creation - Descent from Above

WJP001:  Upon Creation - The Standard of Heaviness

WJP003:  Architects of a Broken Design - A Mask of Hell (Single)


WJP004:  Memo - 02 14 15 (Single)